Facial surgery: myth, fact and facelift


The facial plastic surgery is a field riddled with myth, fallacy, unfounded fears and misplaced expectations on the part of the clients.

One of the biggest myths being that cosmetic surgery is the same as plastic surgery, which isn’t true since cosmetic surgery is purely for aesthetic purposes and focuses primarily on the post-operative looks and appearance of the clients. Even then the line between these two has gotten increasingly blurred with the desire for picture perfect look becoming a common definer of one’s ability to get into certain careers and professions.

Another major one being that Botox will leave you with an expressionless face as it will freeze all your facial nerves and muscles. As Dr. BabakAzzizzadeh rhinoplasty affirms, the development of laser guided administration of drugs has made it possible so that specific nerves can be treated without interfering with the entire facial muscles.face.

The most common expectation which is a misconception is that the mere procedure on a client will improve his or her body image. While having reconstructive surgery can and does improve body image it may not necessarily improve since it may merely make one prettier but not necessarily happier. Though it has been proven that achieving a pretty post-operative look generally tends to boost the overall confidence and the outlook of the client.

The idea that since we all age then we can undergo the same procedure is also misguided, there are so many different realities in every individuals ageing that facial surgeon’s take into account before recommending the surgery. Just because a certain procedure worked on a person doesn’t not mean it will work in another the same way.

Another prevalent misconception is that permanent fillers are better than temporary fillers. The cost common knowledge on this that temporary fillers with an optimal range of 1-2 years’ work better and also have an easier procedure for correction or reconstruction unlike permanent fillers that are not operable without a significant alteration to a client’s face.

The idea of getting a minifacelift also means different procedure to different surgeon it is vital that as the patient you ensure that you get the specific relevant and most applicable form of minifacelift that works well with your facial features.

Conducted properly under a well-trained surgeon,such as Dr. BabakAzzizzadeh,facial plastic surgery has the potential to give you a new look and significantly boost your body image making you more attractive and photogenic.